"Rhapsody Performing Arts Center is an amazing organization full of talented professionals committed to children's well rounded dance education.  They strike the right balance of strong dance technique, respect and discipline while nurturing the children's spirit and fostering their sense of self worth and confidence. The Company and competitive program are preparing the dancers for future dance education while exposing them to amazing and challenging experiences outside of the studio.  I look forward to my daughter growing up at RPAC."
"We have had a very positive experience at Rhapsody Performing Arts Center.  We have participated at both the recreational and company levels, and have been involved in dance many years.  Helen, has been a wonderful addition to RPAC, and changed the culture of the company to be very supportive and inclusive.  Our dancers are doing an amazing job in competitions, and the technique classes that were added this year have been a blessing.  Our dancers are learning not only dance but life lessons and best of all how to be humble when they win.  I highly recommend RPAC.."
"Our daughter has been in dance since she was 3 years old.  She has always enjoyed dance.  Since the new director Helen Estrella came aboard along with other new dance teachers our daughter used the word "love" to describe dance.  I don't believe there is a better environment for our daughter to learn both basics of dance as well as thrive in a *successfully* competitive dance environment with people that truly love her and treat her with respect and dignity.  One other advantage is that the dance faculty's style is such that the common infighting that exists at many studios is virtually non-existent.  Everybody matters and is encouraged to perform at their best."
"We love Rhapsody.  Our girls feel welcome and loved.  Acro is a favorite and we've recruited many friends to join us who agree.  Many have mastered their aerials after only a few classes.  They are highly organized and professional without being too stuffy.  Helen does a fantastic job as artistic director.  I've been impressed to see her go above and beyond, even doing the girls hair and make-up backstage!  They are truly committed to helping dancers succeed."
"Rhapsody has literally changed my daughter's life for the better.  She literally has a spring in her step and a smile on her face.  It doesn't matter where we are---grocery store, movie theater, dr office, my daughter walks, spins and does high kicks, just because she is so happy with dance.  The team mates have been wonderful.  The kids all keep in touch and seem to genuinely like being around eachother and support eachother."

"All 3 of my daughters have been dancing at Rhapsody Performing Arts Center, and we have been so pleased with our experience.  The staff's joy and enthusiasm for teaching dance is evident in the caring, fun and supportive environment.  They have encouraged and fostered the growth of my daughters and provided them a solid foundation to build upon, both as dancers and as people.  Their artistic vision, creativity and passion in sharing the beauty and joy of dance is unmatched.  I feel they are truly invested in the children they work with and work hard to provide a strong and positive environment to dance in."
The owners, Kelley and David Wick, pour their hearts into the studio and it shows in a warm and caring environment. 
"My son and daughter have been dancing for Rhapsody for 4 years. We love the healthy environment, talented and educated staff, selection of classes and company program. My children ages 9 & 14 have learned the importance of technique and Choreography, as well as the commitment to a team. They work hard and are rewarded with victory at company competitions with the feelings of great achievement for themselves, team mates and RPAC. As a parent I highly recommended Rhapsody for any aspiring dancer."
"My daughter absolutely loves everything about Rhapsody.  Her teachers are fantastic and highly talented. They truly care about each dancer as an individual. The choreography is wonderful. I highly recommend and appreciate this amazing studio."