Fall Classes Begin August 

Petite Program
Ages 2 - 6
We believe the most important thing for the petite program is for our teachers to make your child fall in love with dance. Yes, they will learn structure, technique, and skills needed to make the transition into our recreational or company programs, but the passion for dance is the driving force behind every dancer.
Recreational Program
Ages 7 & Up
Just like the petite program, the first thing we teach is the love of dance. However, with the more advanced ages of the children, we are able to really get in and work on more specific details of the technique of dance. Just because your dancer is in a “recreational” class, doesn’t mean that they will not be taught proper technique and training. We want them to have the opportunity to be a company member, professional dancer or any other avenue of dance that they may choose..
Ages 7 & Up
 Our advanced/company classes are for the serious dancer who has shown love, passion, promise and is willing to put in the extra work physically and mentally to fast track them into a life long journey through the dance world. Our advanced/company classes are more rigid and structured. We will be encouraging the dancers to push themselves farther than they ever thought imaginable. These classes can be a little intimidating (to say the least), but this is why we offer a variety of different programs and teachers. We are confident that we can find a perfect fit for any child at any age and level!


30 Minutes                         $45
45 Minutes                         $55
1 Hour                                   $62
1 Hour 30 Min                  $75
2 Hour                                   $90
2 Hour 30 Min                  $105
3 Hours                                $120

3 Hours 30 Min                $135
4 Hours                                 $150
4 Hours 30 Min                $165
5 Hours                                 $180
5 Hours 30 Min                $195
6 Hours                                 $210
6 Hours 30 Min                $225
7 Hours+                              $240